Weekend/Cruise Scenarios


Written by Karen & Bill Palmer and protected under copyright law

"THE CASE OF THE CARIBBEAN BLUES" - An ancient curse and missing gems lead to murder in the hotel industry in 1938.

Cast Of Characters:

Lady Hannah Finestra, Resort Owner; Willa Wright, Secretary; Madame Deja Bleu, Psychic Companion; Susie Tong, Personal Maid; Scats Allegro, Bandleader; Hy Court, Attorney; Rich Ledger, Accountant; Sue Court, Wife; Reverend Peter Blue, Missionary; P.I. Smith; Iowa Jones, Explorer; Hildy Johnson, Reporter; Dan Risi, Agent for the Jacoby Import-Export Company.

"THE CASE OF THE 13 HEIRS" - The heirs are gathering at the ancestral manor for the reading of Benjamin E. Factor's Last Will and Testament. When someone begins to murder the beneficiaries of the fifty million dollar Estate, it soon becomes apparent that where there's a will there's a way... for murder!

Cast Of Characters:

Maxy Factor, Son; Glenda Galante, Daughter; Perrier Montblanc, Son; Mary Meade, Niece; Lucy Galante, Granddaughter; Alexa Styles, Granddaughter; Lady Alicia Dain, Granddaughter; Sir Arthur Dain, Husband; Didi Perine, Personal Secretary; Sean O'Blarney, Estate Attorney; Jane Danvers, Housekeeper; Barney Danvers, Butler; Brenda Storm, Reporter.

"MEDIUM FOR MURDER" - The year is 1931, and Sir Luther Gronan Boyle and Eric Wise have invited fellow members of the Society for Psychical Research to witness their challenge to well-known mediums, spiritualists, and psychics to contact the spirit world.

Cast Of Characters:

Sir Luther Gronan Boyle, Doctor; Lady Grace Boyle, Wife; Eric Wise, Magician & Escape Artist; Paul Davenport, Crime Reporter; Frances Farnsworth-Fotherington, Widow; Frank Farnsworth, Brother; Carlotta Withers, Frank's Fiancee; Warren Phelps, Mystery Author; Phyllis Phelps, Wife; Dr. Arcane, Medium; Sven Galley, Psychic; Prof. Henry Bowen, Parapsychologist; Claire Voyante, Clairvoyant; Mike Palumbo, Detective.

"MURDER BY THE LETTER" - It's murder at the auction of a unique letter addressed to Dr. John Watson, allegedly written by Sherlock Holmes!

Cast Of Characters:

S.A. Yist, Auction Agent; Sally Ann Yist, Wife; Edward Ishon, Estate Attorney; Manny and Ann Yule, Collectors; Leon Paige, Author; Pamela F. Letts, Bookstore Owner; Noel Novel, Publisher; Mycroft Journal, Agent of the British Museum.

"MURDER, MY LOVELY" - The year is 1941, and the Priory High School is celebrating the 20th Anniversary Reunion of the Class of '21. Things get off to a lively start, but death quickly sombers the atmosphere when one of the alumni is murdered!

Cast Of Characters:

Mayor Shawn O'Blarney; Reginald Wolfe, Principal; Mike Malloy, Coach; Jane Florian, Guidance Counselor; Jennifer Cortlandt, Romance Novelist; "Little" Al Capella, Bookkeeper; Velma Lovely, Actress; Clark Henderson, Police Detective; Lewin Grayle, Lawyer; Sally Grayle, Wife; James Neslo, Reporter; Percy Paige, Publisher.

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