CPR/AED For the Community and Workplace


Sports First Aid and Injury Prevention was developed to help coaches and athletic trainers manage the common emergencies that they will likely encounter while coaching their sport. When athletes become ill or injured during practice or competition, coaches and athletic trainers need to know how to respond. Whether on the court, on the field, at the pool, or in the gym, coaches and trainers must be prepared to handle the common injuries and illnesses they will likely encounter while coaching their sport. Sports First Aid and Injury Prevention teaches coaches and trainers how to administer basic first aid to sick and injured athletes as well as ways to prevent illnesses and injuries from occurring.

The course includes coverage of the phases of injury and the injury prevention model, prevention tips for sports-related injuries common to specific sports, and appropriate treatment for common injuries and illness.

The textbook includes:
Lists of injuries and illnesses most common to each sport
Key information on sports injury prevention
A sample Emergency Action Plan
Skill drills providing step-by-step explanations and visual summaries of important first aid skills
Caution boxes emphasizing crucial actions that coaches and trainers should or should not take
while administering first aid
Flowcharts that reinforce the decision-making process and appropriate procedures.

Prerequisites: None (CPR and AED recommended). Contact Us For A Price Quote (minimum 4 students).

3 Hours without CPR/AED
6 hours with CPR/AED

Certification cards from the Emergency Care and Safety Institute, valid for three years, will be issued upon successful completion of the course.

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