Pet First Aid


The Pet First Aid & Disaster Response Guide is designed to help pet owners provide temporary, urgent care to pets until they can reach a veterinary or emergency clinic. The text will teach readers to care for their animals before, during, and after an emergency.

When veterinarians responded to Pets America's first aid survey, it became apparent that three mistakes contributed to a majority of emergency situations.
1. Owners waited too long to take their pet to a veterinarian when they suspected a problem.
2. Owners did not administer medications exactly as prescribed or tried to administer over-the-counter medicines
designed for humans that had not been recommended by their veterinarian.
3. Owners had not provided basic behavior training for themselves and their pet.

The Pet First Aid & Disaster Response Guide includes coverage of:
Injury prevention and disaster preparation
Personal safety precautions to help pet owners identify and minimize risks
Normal Vital Signs
Travel and Outdoor Emergencies
A wide array of pet emergencies including bleeding and bite wounds, cardiac arrest,
choking, burns, poisoning, trauma, and more

Prerequisites: None

Recommended Initial Instruction Time: 4 hours

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A Pet First Aid Certification Card will be issued upon successful completion of the course

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