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October 17, 2019

Nakamura, Fuminori. CULT X. Soho Crime. April '19. $17.95. Translated by Kalau Almony. "The magnum opus by Japanese literary sensation Fuminori Nakamura, Cult X is a story that dives into the psychology of fringe religion, obsession, and social disaffection." The story was inspired by the sarin gas attack by a group of terrorists in 1995, and delves into what attracts people to become extremists. When Ryoko Tachibana disappears her boyfriend, Toru Narazaki, sets out to find her. He hires a private detective who warns him that looking for her would be very dangerous. The only clue Toru has is an old address in Tokyo that turns out to be the headquarters of a cult. Toru joins the cult trying to find out where Ryoko is. He has no idea of what he got himself into and ends up inside a very violent group.

Patterson, James & Clinton, Bill. THE PRESIDENT IS MISSING: A Novel. Grand Central. June '19. $17.99. "THE PRESIDENT IS MISSING confronts a threat so huge that it jeopardizes not just Pennsylvania Avenue and Wall Street, but all of America. Uncertainty and fear grip the nation. There are whispers of cyberterror and espionage and a traitor in the Cabinet. Even the President himself becomes a suspect, and then he disappears from public view ... Set over the course of three days, THE PRESIDENT IS MISSING sheds a stunning light upon the inner workings and vulnerabilities of our nation. Filled with information that only a former Commander-in-Chief could know, this is the most authentic, terrifying novel to come along in many years." Available on Audio CD.

Peikoff, Kira. MOTHER KNOWS BEST. Crooked Lane Books. September '19. $26.99. A genetic experiment disrupts the lives of everybody involved in this psychological thriller. Claire Abrams wants nothing more than a family and is besides herself when he son dies from a genetic mutation that she passed on to him. So, when she hears about a doctor that can work miracles with genetic manipulation, she jumps at the chance. Working with the doctor and his assistant, Jillian, Claire is delighted when she becomes pregnant, assured the baby did not have any mutations. But when news leaks about the experiment Claire runs off with the doctor leaving his assistant to take the fall. Problems begin ten years later when Claire's daughter, Abigail, begins to ask questions. Things get worse when Jillian gets out of prison comes looking for the doctor and the girl she thinks should be her daughter.

Shah, Bina. BEFORE SHE SLEEPS. Delphinium Books. August '19. $15.00. If you liked "The Handmaid's Tale," this is the book for you! Following along the lines of the film, the story takes place in South West Asia where war has decimated the number of men. The government, in an attempt to correct the situation, is forcing woman to marry several men in order to bear children as fast as possible. Yet, living underground are woman who refuse to be manipulated. They are protected by powerful men who crave their company for non-sexual purposes. But these men aren't powerful enough to protect them forever. Written to illustrate the plight of women in repressive Muslim countries, this book depicts a dark and frightening future. Trade paperback edition.

Starr, Jason. FUGITIVE RED. Oceanview Publishing. November '18. $16.00. "Love on the Internet gone wrong... Reminiscent of Nick and Amy in GONE GIRL, Jack and Maria have a tortuous history. Currently, they live in a claustrophobic Manhattan apartment with their eight-year-old son, Jonah. Jack has quit booze, but his music career ended abruptly, and he isn't doing much better as a real estate agent. Maria's doing well at her corporate job, but she travels frequently. While they both love their son, they don't seem to have much else in common and their sex life is nonexistent. `When a former band member tells Jack about a new extramarital dating app called Discreet Hookups, Jack quickly meets Sophia, who goes by the online name Fugitive Red. Jack and Sophia hit it off and have a steamy online affair. When Jack agrees to rendezvous with Sophia at her townhouse, he discovers her dead - strangled by a red necktie. Immediately, Jack becomes a person of interest in the murder. Convinced that Sophia's husband is the killer, Jack sets out to prove his innocence and save his marriage. Instead, he leaves a trail of dead bodies in his wake, and the police close in on him. Worse, he discovers that he has been the victim of a sinister scheme that may cost him his life."

Walker, Caroline Louise. MAN OF THE YEAR. Gallery Books. June '19. $26.00. Sag Harbor's Man of the Year, Dr. Robert Hart, seems to have it all: a beautiful new wife, a new house, a yacht, and medical practice that is doing quite well. But it all starts to fall apart after allowing his son's college roommate to stay in their guest house for the summer. Robert becomes concerned when he begins to notice that their guest seems to be paying way too much attention to his wife. It's all down hill from there as Robert becomes more and more paranoid and begins to destroy everybody around him. Simultaneous release on Audio CD.

Walters, Minette. THE LAST HOURS. Soho Crime. February '19. $15.95. A fascinating historical look at medieval times and the Black Death as seen through the eyes of an feisty, educated woman who has learned to think for herself. In June of 1348, when the Black Death began to ravage England, fear spread and people started to believe they were being punished by God. Having been educated by nuns, Lady Anne of Develish doesn't buy into the hysteria and while her brute of a husband is away from the manor, she decides to protect her people. She moves all of the serfs into the manor which is surrounded by a moat. She then locks the gates and refuses to allow anybody in, including her husband. Problems mount as food begins to run low and people become more and more afraid of the unknown. How long can they hold out? How long will they be safe? Simultaneous release on Audion CD from Blackstone Audio. Trade paperback edition.

Winkler, Mark. MY NAME IS NATHAN LUCIUS. Soho Crime. February '19. $15.95. This taunt psychological thriller asks the question 'would you be able to help a dying friend end their life?' Nathan Lucius is asked this question by his one and only friend, Madge, who is dying slowly of cancer. If he helps her to end her life, is he commiting murder and should he be condemned for it? And exactly what are the implications for Nathan himself?

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