Suspense In Print A To Z


January 6, 2023

Acquista, Victor. REVELATION: The Saga of Venom and Flame. BHC Press. August '22. $16.95. Book 2 of 2 in the series. The secret order of the Illuminati have been arranging catastrophic events around the world for eons in order to establish a 'New World Order' and take control of mankind. The only ones standing in their way is another secret organization with ties to Atlantis, led by trained warrior Serena Mendez. Serena must decipher seven mysterious messages in order to survive and reveal a secret that will change the world for the better. "Rich in history and mythology, The Saga of Venom and Flame is a gripping battle between the masters of mind control and the brave warriors who oppose them as they fight to prevent a mounting apocalypse of death and destruction."

Bailey, Anna. WHERE THE TRUTH LIES: A Novel. Atria Books. June '22. $17.00. The secrets of the small town of town of Whistling Ridge are aired after a teenaged girl disappears. Emma, Abigail's best friend disagrees with the police who think the girl just ran away. She was with Abigail at a party in the woods, but left before her friend. When the police find evidence in the woods the town's secrets begin to unravel with dire consequences. As Emma digs into her friend's disappearce, she learns that Abigail's family were hiding a lot of secrets and other people in the town could not be trusted. As Emma follows the clues she realizes she didn't really know her friend that well after all.

Joy, Len. DRY HEAT: A Novel. BQB Publishing. March '22. $19.95. This could be the worst day anybody has ever experienced! Things couldn't get any worse for Joey Blade than on his 18th birthday when everything goes side ways. He just won a football scholarship when his ex-girlfriend informs him that she is pregnant, he's betrayed by his current girlfriend, and then gets arrested for the murder of two police officers! Could things get any worse? It all started when his high school bonfire explodes and he takes off with his girlfriend and her drug dealer, TJ. When the police follow them TJ shoots at the police car causing it to crash. TJ takes off and Joey is arrested and charged with the attempted murder of the two cops. After getting out on bail, Joey learns that his ex's father is forcing her to get an abortion which he's against. He tries to find TJ, who has disappeared and asks for help from a gang leader he met in jail. Things become even more complicated when Joey is offered a deal - he'll go free if he turns in the gang leader.

Rubinstein, Mark. ASSASSIN'S LULLABY. Thunder Lake Press. June '22. $16.99. Eli Dagan, almost forty years old, became an assassin working for the Mossad due to past traumas. Now living in New York City, he has become a contract killer. He's hired by a mafia boss who want to permanently disappear and needs to remove any loose ends. Offering a million dollars, Eli can't turn the job down and hopes it will lead to a better life in this page-turner.

Spring, Bonnar. DISAPPEARED. Oceanview Publishing. May '22. $27.95. On vacation in Morocco, Fay Lariviere, Julie Welch's sister, leaves a note at the hotel stating that she will be done for two days. But when she doesn't return Julie becomes very worried, especially after realizing somebody is stalking her. When the stalker attempts to kill Julie, but kills another woman by accident, Julie starts searching the room and her sister's luggage. She finally learns that her sister left for a remote village in the Sahara desert and decides to go after her. Arriving in the village Julie learns that her sister has traveled further into the desert, so she hires a guide. After the guide disappears Julie finally finds her sister - in a jail cell! When Fay finally tells Julie the reasons behind her secrecy, Julie is angry, but knows that the two of them will have to work together in order to survive.

Starr, Jason. THE NEXT TIME I DIE. Hard Case Crime. July '22. $14.95. From the author: "A paranoid thriller in the mind-bending tradition of Philip K. Dick and The Twilight Zone, THE NEXT TIME I DIE will draw you into its claustrophobic web of suspense and leave you questioning everything you think you know. DYING WAS ONLY THE BEGINNING. Steven Blitz didn't think about his own safety when he saw the man trying to force a woman into his car. He stepped in to defend her, and got a knife to the gut for his troubles. But when he wakes up in the hospital from what should have been a fatal wound, he finds the whole world changed - a different president in the White House, a loving family when he'd been on the verge of divorce, more money in the bank than he's ever seen. There's a dark side, though: in this world, Steven Blitz is not a good man. And now he's got to get himself out of serious trouble without even knowing what it is he's done wrong."

Zandri, Vincent. PARADOX LAKE. Oceanview Publishing. May '22. $16.00. Nothing is as it seems! Rose Conley, a single mom and sculptor tries to leave her past behind her and takes a three month sabbatical from the college where she teaches. Unable to stop thinking about the loss of her husband and her oldest daugher, she rents a house in the Adirondacks, in the lakeside community of Paradox. Hoping for some peace and quiet and wanting to spend some time with her pre-teen daughter, she gets much more than she bargained for when Paradox Lake turns sinister and somebody from Rose's past targets both Rose and her daugther.

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