Suspense In Print A To Z


June 13, 2021

Candlish, Louise. THE OTHER PASSENGER. Atria Books. July '21. $17.00. Gretchen commutes to work daily on a ferry along with her neighbor Kit. But this morning Kit unexpectedly didn't show up and things go from bad to worse when she finds the police waiting for her at the dock. Kit's wife, Melia, reported her husband missing and for whatever reason the police seem to think that Gretchen has murdered him. According to another passenger, Gretchen and Kit had a fight on the way home the previous night and has pointed the finger at her as his killer. Who is this other passenger and why are they setting her up?

Holahan, Cate. HER THREE LIVES. Grand Central. April '21. $15.99. Greg, according to his children, is going through a mid-life crisis. He divorced his wife and became engaged to Jade, a young woman who seems very out of place in their Connecticut home. After a brutal home invasion, the family is at odds and trust is hard to come by. Greg, left with a brain injury now only has his security cameras for company and begins to wonder about Jade and sees her actions as suspicious. Was the invasion random or did she have something to do with it? Simultaneous release on Audio CD from Hachette and Blackstone Audio.

Langan, Sarah. GOOD NEIGHBORS: A Novel. Atria Books. February '21. $27.00. Maple Street, Long Island. It appears to be a slice of paradise, but is it? what is hidden below that makes residents angry? Things become even more strange with the arrival of the Wilde family. The father is a ex-rock star who had a drug habit, the mother outrages her neighbors with her heavy Brooklyn accent and the shabby way she dresses, and that doesn't even include their rather strange children. Although one neighbor welcomes the family and even befriends them, that relatihionship soon turns to dust. And then the neighbors daughter falls into a sinkhole and she blames the Wildes. Welcome to suburbia! Avaialbe in trade paperback. Washington Square Press. October '21. $16.89.

Walker, Caroline Louise. MAN OF THE YEAR. Gallery Books. August '20. $16.00. Sag Harbor's Man of the Year, Dr. Robert Hart, seems to have it all: a beautiful new wife, a new house, a yacht, and medical practice that is doing quite well. But it all starts to fall apart after allowing his son's college roommate to stay in their guest house for the summer. Robert becomes concerned when he begins to notice that their guest seems to be paying way too much attention to his wife. It's all down hill from there as Robert becomes more and more paranoid and begins to destroy everybody around him. Available on Audio CD.

Zandri, Vincent. PARADOX LAKE. Oceanview Publishing. May '21. $26.95. Nothing is as it seems! Rose Conley, a single mom and sculptor tries to leave her past behind her and takes a three month sabbatical from the college where she teaches. Unable to stop thinking about the loss of her husband and her oldest daugher, she rents a house in the Adirondacks, in the lakeside community of Paradox. Hoping for some peace and quiet and wanting to spend some time with her pre-teen daughter, she gets much more than she bargained for when Paradox Lake turns sinister and somebody from Rose's past targets both Rose and her daugther.

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