Suspense In Print A To Z


April 7, 2021

Block, Lawrence. THE BURGLAR IN SHORT ORDER. Subterranean. Deluxe Hardcover edition. May '20. $30.00. "Four decades ago, Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Lawrence Block introduced the world to one of his most beloved and enduring creations: Bernie Rhodenbarr, the clever, nimble-fingered star of novels such as Burglars Can't Be Choosers, The Burglar Who Liked to Quote Kipling, and The Burglar Who Counted the Spoons.... Bernie has stolen not only antiques, stamp collections, and priceless works of art but also millions of readers' hearts. Now, for all those craving more adventures of their favorite bookseller-by-day and burglar-by-night, HE BURGLAR IN SHORT ORDER for the first time ever collects all of Bernie's short-form appearances in one complete volume. From the story in which a prototype of Bernie first appeared ('A Bad Night For Burglars') to his appearances in Playboy and (maybe? It's kinda complicated) Cosmopolitan...from an essay discussing Bernie's misadventures in Hollywood (how in the world did Whoopi Goldberg ever get cast?) to a piece commissioned by a European publisher for a tourist guide to New'll find every published story, article, and standalone excerpt Bernie has ever appeared in - plus two new, unpublished pieces: an introduction discussing the character's colorful origins and an afterword in which the author, contemplating retirement, comes face to face with his own creation. In all of mystery fiction, there has never been a character like Bernie - and in this, his dozenth book, he demonstrates all the charm and wit and kleptophilic ingenuity that has made two generations of readers welcome their favorite burglar into their homes."

Candlish, Louise. THE OTHER PASSENGER. Atria Books. July '21. $17.00. Gretchen commutes to work daily on a ferry along with her neighbor Kit. But this morning Kit unexpectedly didn't show up and things go from bad to worse when she finds the police waiting for her at the dock. Kit's wife, Melia, reported her husband missing and for whatever reason the police seem to think that Gretchen has murdered him. According to another passenger, Gretchen and Kit had a fight on the way home the previous night and has pointed the finger at her as his killer. Who is this other passenger and why are they setting her up?

Holahan, Cate. HER THREE LIVES. Grand Central. April '21. $15.99. Greg, according to his children, is going through a mid-life crisis. He divorced his wife and became engaged to Jade, a young woman who seems very out of place in their Connecticut home. After a brutal home invasion, the family is at odds and trust is hard to come by. Greg, left with a brain injury now only has his security cameras for company and begins to wonder about Jade and sees her actions as suspicious. Was the invasion random or did she have something to do with it? Simultaneous release on Audio CD from Hachette and Blackstone Audio.

Langan, Sarah. GOOD NEIGHBORS: A Novel. Atria Books. February '21. $27.00. Maple Street, Long Island. It appears to be a slice of paradise, but is it? what is hidden below that makes residents angry? Things become even more strange with the arrival of the Wilde family. The father is a ex-rock star who had a drug habit, the mother outrages her neighbors with her heavy Brooklyn accent and the shabby way she dresses, and that doesn't even include their rather strange children. Although one neighbor welcomes the family and even befriends them, that relationship soon turns to dust. And then the neighbors daughter falls into a sinkhole and she blames the Wildes. Welcome to suburbia!

Mason, Jamie. THE HIDDEN THINGS. Gallery Books. May '20. $16.99. Based on the actual theft of a 17th century painting that was never recovered, the book fast forwards to present day where the painting causes major problems. When a home security camera records a home invasion that shows a teen named Carly fighting for her life, it quickly goes viral online. She survives, but what can be barely seen in a corner of the room changes the lives of four people in ways they never expected and Carly's stepfather will do whatever is necessary to keep a dark secret hidden. There is no way he can explain how that stolen painting could be hanging in his house. When the art dealer that was brutally attacked when the painting was stolen learns about the video all she wants to get the painting back. The man that stole the painting has to retrieve it so he can bring it to the people who hired him to steal it - and he will kill to get it back. But it's Carly who works to discover the truth to make things right. Available on Audio CD from Simon & Schuster Audio and Blackstone Audio.

Walker, Caroline Louise. MAN OF THE YEAR. Gallery Books. August '20. $16.00. Sag Harbor's Man of the Year, Dr. Robert Hart, seems to have it all: a beautiful new wife, a new house, a yacht, and medical practice that is doing quite well. But it all starts to fall apart after allowing his son's college roommate to stay in their guest house for the summer. Robert becomes concerned when he begins to notice that their guest seems to be paying way too much attention to his wife. It's all down hill from there as Robert becomes more and more paranoid and begins to destroy everybody around him. Available on Audio CD.

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