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January 9, 2017

Block, Lawrence. KELLER'S FEDORA. Subterranean. May '17. $25.00. "A NEW HAT. FOR A NEW HIT. Happily retired, living under a new name with his wife and daughter, Keller thought he was out of the murder-for-hire business. Until he got the call from his old employer, asking him to tackle the most unusual assignment of his career. The client's wife is having an affair, and Keller's been hired to get rid of her lover. But who is this mysterious lover? The husband doesn't know - he only knows that she has one, and he wants the man dead. It's an opportunity for Keller to try his hand at the private eye game, investigating the adulterous spouse. And yes, he does buy himself a new hat for the occasion, a fedora worthy of any film noir detective. But in this puzzling situation, with more than one potential lover in the picture and more than one potential solution, is Keller going to be a black hat or a white hat - or something in between?"

Bond, Mike. SNOW. Mandevilla Press. October '17. $15.99. What would you do if you found a crashed plane full of cocaine in the mountains of Montana? Three men find the cache and take the drugs only to be hounded by the DEA, the Mexican cartel, a hit man, and the police. Each had what they considered a good reason - they were all short on money! The tension rises as they try to evade their pursuers in the frozen wilderness. Available on Audio CD from Brilliance Audio.

Brackmann, Lisa. GO-BETWEEN. Soho Crime. July '17. $15.95. Nothing is as it seems in this new novel of suspense. A woman named Emily runs a restaurant in Humboldt County, California where most of her customer's are in the cannabis business. Her supposed boyfriend is a pilot who delivers the goods out of state. Only Emily's real name in Michelle and the guy she's with is named Danny. Emily has tried to escape her past, but it's coming back to haunt her and she, along with everybody around her, is in real danger.

Collins, Max Allan. QUARRY'S CLIMAX. Hard Case Crime. October 17. $9.95. Fourteenth in the series. "Memphis, 1975. 'Raunchy' doesn't begin to describe Max Climer's magazine, Climax, or his all-hours strip club, or his planned video empire. And evangelists, feminists, and local watchdog groups all want him out of business. But someone wants more than that, and has hired a killer to end Max's career permanently. Only another hit man - the ruthless professional known as Quarry, star of the acclaimed series on Cinemax - can keep Climer from becoming a casualty in the Sexual Revolution."

Friis, Agnete. WHAT MY BODY REMEMBERS. Soho Crime. May '17. $25.95. Translated by Lindy Falk van Rooyen. The bestselling author strikes out on her own with a story about a mother trying to protect her son. As a young girl Ella Nygaard, now in the mid twenties, witnessed the murder of her mother by her father. Although she doesn't remember anything, her chronic panic attacks indicate some memories are buried deep inside her mind. When her son is taken by social services after one of her attacks, she vows to find him and get him back. She grabs her son from the foster home where he was placed and leaves town returning to the Denmark town where she was born. She hides in her grandmother's abandoned house while trying to figure out how to legally have her son returned to her. Returning to the seaside town brings back memories of her childhood that she has buried for so many years. She begins to wonder if her father really murdered her mother and what other secrets were hidden from her. Can her memories free her or will they put her and her son in danger? Available in trade paperback. April '18. $15.95.

Goodman, Carol. RIVER ROAD: A NoveL. Touchstone. February '17. $16.00. "From the award-winning author of THE LAKE OF DEAD LANGUAGES comes a chilling new psychological thriller about a professor accused of killing her favorite student in a hit-and-run accident." After attending a holiday party where she learned she had been denied tenure, professor Nan Lewis hits a deer on her way home. She immediately stops and gets out of the car, but the deer is gone. Leaving her car at the bottom of her driveway, Nan goes into her house. She is awakened the following morning by the police who tell her that one of her students was killed in a hit-and-run accident the night before. Now Nan is a suspect due to the damage the police see on her car. Nan finds herself being shunned in the community after the accident. Yet these are the same people that consoled her after her daughter was killed in a very similar accent several years beforee. In the aftermath, Nan begins to think that the recent accident and the death of her daughter might be connected. As she starts to look into the accident Nan finds that everybody is hiding something and she can't trust anybody. Now she must find out the truth about who really killed her student and clear her name.

Hamalainen, Karo. CRUEL IS THE NIGHT. Soho Crime. April '17. $25.95. Translated by Owen Witesman. The first English translation by the prize-winning Finnish author takes the reader into Agatha Christie territory with a comedic locked-room murder mystery. It all begins with a reunion dinner attended by four friends who had a falling out 10 years prior. One of them, investigative journalist Mikko, is planning a murder and expects to get away with it. Each of the others is angry with somebody at the dinner table and there are several weapons laying around the room. Who will still be alive by the end of the meal? Available in trade paperback. April '18. $15.95.

Hillard, Stephen. KNOLL. SelectBooks. June '17. $23.95. Billed as "The Last JFK Conspiracist." Two people, Bus McIntyre, a lawyer from a small town and Banner McCoy, a NSA data analyst are both put into danger when new information comes out about the death of JFK. Banner, a protege of Edward Snowden leaves the NSA when she learns the project she is working on, Knoll, was designed to put an end to any person with new facts about the assassination - and right now that target is Bus who just learned his father, a murdered police officer, was involved with a Mafia Don, and the events that took place that fatal day in Dallas. Each is led to a small town in Louisiana where the Don's men are still in power.

Jackson, Lisa; Bush, Nancy; & Noonan, Rosalind. OMINOUS. Zebra Books. July '17. $7.19. Second in the Wyoming Series. "Someone is watching... New York Times bestselling authors Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush, and Rosalind Noonan join together in a gripping novel of suspense, as a long-guarded secret plunges three friends into a new nightmare. NO WARNING. In the photograph, three teenaged girls splash in the lake on a sweltering summer evening. Shiloh, Kat, and Ruth are unaware of the man who spies on them from the woods. They have no idea how their lives will be changed by the brutal violence that follows - and the vow of secrecy they take. CAN PREPARE YOU. Fifteen years later, Ruth and Shiloh have both returned to Prairie Creek, Wyoming, where Kat is deputy sheriff. Though they've tried to leave their shared past behind, each has the feeling that someone is lurking in the shadows. When a local girl vanishes, Kat is convinced there's a connection to that long ago night. But as the friends unite to find the missing teenager, a killer sends a chilling message. FOR A KILLER'S VENGEANCE. He's still there. And he hasn't forgotten. For so long he's made do with other victims, but they can't compare to the ones who got away. The ones who keep searching for him, blind to the terrifying truth that they are not the hunters, but his prey..."

Jewell, Lisax. I FOUND YOU: A Novel. Atria Books. April '17. $26.00. Intertwined tales make for a suspenseful novel! It begins in a seaside town in England where a single mother finds a man sitting near her house. He doesn't know who he is, what his name is, or where he comes from so she invites him into her home. In London, a young bride married for just three weeks, can't find her husband. Alone in a foreign country, she reports his disappearance to the police only to learn that no such person exists! Time shifts to twenty-three years ago when a teenage brother and sister are on holiday in a seaside town with their parents. A young man starts to pay the sister a lot of attention while the brother doesn't trust him. At the center of the novel that covers twenty years of secrets, a missing husband who never existed, and a man with no memory. What links them all together? Avaialbe in trade paperback. March '18. $16.00.

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