The Professionals A To L


January 6, 2023

Eskin, Otho. HEAD SHOT. Oceanview. November '22. $16.00. Second in the series. Marko Zorn, Washington, D.C. Homicide Detective is on his second exciting case. While investigating the murder of an actress and an ex, Marko is assigned to protect a visiting dignitary. He is warned that assassins have targeted the visiting prime minister now he is in their cross-hairs! He manages to escape the first attempt on his life and goes on the offensive to hunt down the assassin - or assassins - along with his partner, Lucy.

Galligan, John. BAD DAY BREAKING: A Bad Axe County Novel. Atria Books. September '22. $16.99. Book 4 of 4 in the series. The exciting final outing for Sheriff Heidi Kick offers a look into a strange religious group - or is it a cult? Having recently moved into Bad Axe County, Wisconsin, the group has the residents very worried. They are a gun-toting group with a strange spiritual leader and the people in town fear them. After settling in an abandoned lot, rumors are spreading that they worship the devil and intend to take over the town. If that isn' t enough, one of the members is found dead in the river. Although the sheriff isn't a fan of the sect, she is worried by the paranoid reactions of the residents. Now she has to deal with a murder and a huge snowstorm on the horizon. If that isn't enough, she learns that an ex-boyfriend is out of jail and hunting for her.

LePort, Dr. Cristina. DISSECTION: A Medical and Political Thriller. Bancroft Press. October '22. $27.95. When several cases of complicated heart attacks and strokes show up in the hospital, heart surgeon Dr. Steven Leeds notes that the cases all have one thing in common, the attacks were caused by a rare arterial injury - a dissection. When he learns that all of the victims were sent a strange card stating 'Your heart attack/stroke will arrive within one hour!' Jack Mulville, an FBI agent investigates the deaths along with private detective Kirk Miner. The men suspect Leeds ex lover, Dr. Silvana Moretti, a research scientist with grudges against all of the victims. But, when U.S. government officers are sent the same cards and suffer the same results, the three men work together to find out who is on a killing spree. "DISSECTION is a taut thriller with complex characters that combines cutting-edge medical technology with horrific yet still believable terrorist plots."

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