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September 7, 2022

Eskin, Otho. HEAD SHOT. Oceanview. December '21. $26.95. Second in the series. Marko Zorn, Washington, D.C. Homicide Detective is on his second exciting case. While investigating the murder of an actress and an ex, Marko is assigned to protect a visiting dignitary. He is warned that assassins have targeted the visiting prime minister now he is in their cross-hairs! He manages to escape the first attempt on his life and goes on the offensive to hunt down the assassin - or assassins - along with his partner, Lucy.Available in trade paperback. November '22. $16.00.

Eskin, Otho. THE REFLECTING POOL. Oceanview Publishing. November '21. $16.00. First in the Marko Zorn Series. Washington DC homicide detective Marko Zorn also works for criminals to help pay for his expense hobbies of collecting art, classic cars, and women. His life becomes very complicated when his work for criminals comes into conflict with his police work. Things start to go wrong when Zorn finds the body of a Secret Service agent who supposedly drowned. Instead, Zorn learns that the death is tied to domestic terrorists and the ties go straight to the White House. Needless to say, the White House is not at all interested in having the murder solved! As the investigation continues, Zorn finds himself caught between his job in law enforcement and the criminals he sometimes works for.

Evanovich, Janet & Hamilton, Steve. THE BOUNTY: A Novel. Atria Books. December '21. $17.00. Seventh in the Fox and O'Hare Series. In this adventure, FBI agent Kate O'Hare and con-man Nicholas Fox must find a train buried for seventy-five years in Eastern Europe containing Nazi gold. Having taken down many criminals in the past, this time the pair is up against their greatest foes - and International organization known as the Brotherhood. The two turn to their fathers for help in tracking down the gold - Nick's father Quentin and Kate's father, Jake, a retired Special Forces operative. But can the four of them get along long enough to find gold as they travel around the world?

Frank, William. YOUNG BLOOD AND OLD PAINT. Terra Nova Books. January '22. $17.95. "Tommy McNaul is an FBI agent with twenty-five years of service, a firm sense of law and order, a beautiful Irish wife, and a passion for fine art. He risks them all one snowy night when he and his partner, Kate Bacon, lead a sting operation in Boston. Their mission is to recover Vermeer's 'The Concert,' stolen from the Isabella Gardner Stewart Museum in 1995. The sting erupts in a blaze of gunfire, and Tom's life spins out of control. Forced into retirement from the FBI, and pursued by elements of the Boston mob, Tom seeks refuge in his native homeland of New Mexico. He teams up with his estranged older brother, Willie, an ex-marine turned private detective living in Santa Fe. Tom and Willie plan to pursue local cases of art forgery and theft, but the murder of a young gallery worker hurls them into the dark, violent world of international art crime. Tom finds himself increasingly torn. Is he still a man of law and order, or does he belong in the darker world of justice and vengeance?"

Galligan, John. BAD DAY BREAKING: A Bad Axe County Novel. Atria Books. September '22. $16.99. Book 4 of 4 in the series. The exciting final outing for Sheriff Heidi Kick offers a look into a strange religious group - or is it a cult? Having recently moved into Bad Axe County, Wisconsin, the group has the residents very worried. They are a gun-toting group with a strange spiritual leader and the people in town fear them. After settling in an abandoned lot, rumors are spreading that they worship the devil and intend to take over the town. If that isn' t enough, one of the members is found dead in the river. Although the sheriff isn't a fan of the sect, she is worried by the paranoid reactions of the residents. Now she has to deal with a murder and a huge snowstorm on the horizon. If that isn't enough, she learns that an ex-boyfriend is out of jail and hunting for her.

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