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June 13, 2021

Benn, James R. WHEN HELL STRUCK TWELVE: A Billy Boyle World War II Mystery. Soho Crime. August '20. $16.95. Fourteenth in the series. In this entry in the exciting series, US Army detective Billy Boyle and Lieutenant Kazimierz must go behind enemy lines during the summer of 1944, to find a traitor to the French Resistance who is trying to deliver classified plans to the Germans in occupied Paris. The Resistance is also looking for the spy, code named Atlantik, after his betrayal ended in the deaths of several resistance fighters. The problem is that although he doesn't know it, Atlantik is carrying bogus information intended to confuse the Germans and keep them from finding out the Allied army's actual destination. Billy and Kaz have to keep the resistance from finding Atlantik at all costs. They must follow a thin line making sure the traitor gets to the Germans, but without tipping off the Resistance.

Disher, Garry. UNDER THE COLD BRIGHT LIGHTS. Soho Crime. December '20. $16.95. Retired Homicide Dectective Alan Auhl now investigates cold cases - and he does it his way! He has a lot on his plate as he looks into the death of John Elphick whose daughters are sure was murdered, but the coroner isn't sure. He's also on the case of a skeleton recently found underneath a slab of concrete Then there's the doctor who killed two of his wives and a grilfriend, but managed not to leave even one piece of evidence! There's no way Alan is going to give up on these cases until justice is served.

Eskin, Otho. THE REFLECTING POOL. Oceanview Publishing. October '20. $26.95. First in the Marko Zorn Series. Washington DC homicide detective Marko Zorn also works for criminals to help pay for his expense hobbies of collecting art, classic cars, and women. His life becomes very complicated when his work for criminals comes into conflict with his police work. Things start to go wrong when Zorn finds the body of a Secret Service agent who supposedly drowned. Instead, Zorn learns that the death is tied to domestic terrorists and the ties go straight to the White House. Needless to say, the White House is not at all interested in having the murder solved! As the investigation continues, Zorn finds himself caught between his job in law enforcement and the criminals he sometimes works for. Available in trade paperback. November '21. $16.00.

Evanovich, Janet & Hamilton, Steve. THE BOUNTY: A Novel. Atria Books. March '21. $28.00. Seventh in the Fox and O'Hare Series. In this adventure, FBI agent Kate O'Hare and con-man Nicholas Fox must find a train buried for seventy-five years in Eastern Europe containing Nazi gold. Having taken down many criminals in the past, this time the pair is up against their greatest foes - and International organization known as the Brotherhood. The two turn to their fathers for help in tracking down the gold - Nick's father Quentin and Kate's father, Jake, a retired Special Forces operative. But can the four of them get along long enough to find gold as they travel around the world?

Galligan, John. BAD MOON RISING: A Bad Axe County Novel. Atria Books. June '21. $16.99. Book 3 of 3. Sheriff Heidi Kick is tracking the killer of a young homeless man during a heat wave in rural Wisconsin. What makes this case stand out is that the victim was buried alive! While involved in a contentious re-election campaign, more bodies are found. Heidi gets some help from the editor-in-chief of the local paper, Leroy Fanta - a Vietnam vet, who thinks the case may relate to a deranged man writing letters to the paper for several years. Together they start an investigation into the murders.

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