Juvenile/Young Adult

November 4, 2018

Dixon, Franklin W. THE MYSTERY OF CABIN ISLAND. Grosset & Dunlap. December '17. $8.99. Book 8 of 58 in the Hardy Boys Series. Age Range: 8 - 12 years; Grade Level: 3 - 7. "The Hardy Boys series, first published in 1927, has sold more than 70 million copies! Now with a brand-new look, this is an edition that collectors won't want to miss! In THE MYSTERY OF CABIN ISLAND, the eighth book in the incredibly popular, long-running series, Frank and Joe Hardy encounter several dangerous setbacks as they search for Johnny Jefferson and some antique stolen medals. A special treat for Hardy Boys fans and any reader who's new to the series!"

Dixon, Franklin W. THE SHORE ROAD MYSTERY. Grosset & Dunlap. December '17. $8.99. Book 6 of 58 in the Hardy Boys Series. "In THE SHORE ROAD MYSTERY, ...Frank and Joe Hardy encounter a perplexing set of mysteries when they agree to help their friend Jack Dodd and his father locate a family treasure."

Fairstein, Linda. DIGGING FOR TROUBLE. Dial Books. December '17. $16.99. Second in the Devlin Quick Mysteries. Age Range: 8 - 12 years; Grade Level: 3 - 7. "Twelve-year-old supersleuth Devlin Quick heads to Montana to dig out dinosaur bones, but instead she uncovers a mystery in this second book in the thrilling series from New York Times bestselling author Linda Fairstein. After successfully apprehending a map thief at the beginning of summer, Dev is going to spend the second half of her summer vacation in Montana with her best friend, Katie, exploring the outdoors and NOT getting into trouble. But after participating in a dinosaur dig, Katie and Dev suspect that someone bad is in the Badlands when Katie's found fossils are switched out for old rocks. The good news? With Mom back in New York, no one can stop Devlin from investigating! But the fossil thief isn't the only danger here, as snakes, scorpions, and bears abound, making Montana a treacherous place for finding answers. And when the mystery takes Dev and Katie back to Manhattan - to the Museum of Natural History - the case gets even more complicated, even with Dev's friend Booker there to help. Dev has to use her brains, brawn, and yes, okay, the lessons learned from her police commissioner mother if she wants to dig up the truth once and for all. This is the perfect read for fans of Nancy Drew and Theodore Boone." Available in paperback. Puffin Books. September '18. $8.99.

Fairstein, Linda. INTO THE LION'S DEN. Puffin Books. December '17. $8.99. The Devlin Quick Mysteries. Age Range: 8 - 12 years. Grade Level: 3 - 7. "Watch out, Nancy Drew - Devlin Quick is smart, strong, and she will DEFINITELY close the case in this thrilling new mystery series for girls and boys from New York Times bestselling author Linda Fairstein. Someone has stolen a page from a rare book in the New York Public Library. At least, that's what Devlin's friend Liza thinks she's seen, but she can't be sure. Any other kid might not see a crime here, but Devlin Quick is courageous and confident, and she knows she has to bring this man to justice - even if it means breathlessly racing around the city to collect evidence. But who is this thief? And what could the page - an old map - possibly lead to? With her wits, persistence, and the help of New York City's finest (and, okay, a little bit of help from her police commissioner mother, too), Dev and her friends piece the clues together to uncover a mystery that's bigger than anyone expected - and more fun, too. With all of the heart-pounding excitement that made her internationally bestselling Alexandra Cooper series a hit, Linda Fairstein paves the way for another unstoppable heroine...even if she is only twelve."

Passero, Kathy. A YEAR OF MINI MYSTERIES: 29 Tricky Tales to Untangle. American Girl.December '17. $6.99. Illustrated by Marta Kissi. Age Range: 8 - 12 years; Grade Level: 3 - 7. "Do you like to crack cases? Uncover clues? Identify suspects? If so, look inside this book! You'll find an all-new collection of mini mysteries waiting for a super sleuth like you. Team up with BFFs Brooklyn, Alex, and Charlotte for four seasons of fun, figuring out whodunit or what happened. But beware of 'red herrings' - those false leads that can pull you in the wrong direction. Once you think you've found the solution, check your 'undercover' skills inside the front and back covers of the book. Happy sleuthing!"

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