Espionage in Print

June 20, 2020

Anderson, Eric C. FINAL FLIGHT. Dunn Books. June '20. $14.95. Jumping ahead to 2023, this thriller begins whe a jet disappears from the radar screen. If that isn't bad enough, another plane disappears the same way just hours later. But what does it have to do with Jason Montgomery, ex-Air Force maintenance officer and his buddy Rob 'Ski' Kalawski? They are celebrating their new contract with China worth millions of dollars to upgrade their airplanes. Things become complicated when it turns out that the Japanes manufacturer planted a deadly bug in the navigation software to keep China from stealing their work. Jason is caught in the middle between the Yhakuza and Russians who intend to make a lot of money on the missing planes.

Anderson, Eric C. HORUS: A novel. Dunn Books. September '19. $23.95. Third in the New Caliphate Trilogy. Trying to recover from his last encounter when "megalomaniacs battled zealots and America was caught in the crossfire," the President of the U.S. fears the possibility of nuclear war. Forced to work together once again, Army Special Forces Major Faheem and Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sergeant More must intervene when warlords and fanatics begin a march across the Middle East, ISIS and the Caliph go on the run, and a Turk tries to revive the Ottoman Empire. Also in the game are the Kurds and poison gas is being deployed. Europe is burning and a cyber-criminal is trying to destory whatever he can. To top it off the two men learn that North Korea is selling cruise missiles to terrorists. Will they be able to stablize the situation and save the world before it's too late? Paperback edition. December '19. $14.95.

Bond, Mike. GOODBYE PARIS. Big City Press. July '19. $15.95. Third in the Pono Hawkins series. Special Forces vet Pono Hawkins is forced back into action when he finds out that an ISIS terrorist he thought was dead, got his hands on a nuclear weapon and planned to use it on Paris. Pono, who was a prisoner of the terrorist, is the only one still alive who can recognize the man. Pono rushes to Paris and joins forces with US and French intelligence as they try to thwart the imminent attack while trying to avoid getting killed. "Based on the author's years of experience with terrorism and Middle East wars, and his deep knowledge of French and US intelligence and military operations, GOODBYE PARIS is a stunning thriller, an entrancing love story, and an exciting account of anti-terror operations from Paris and Morocco to Afghanistan."

Brown, Dale. THE KREMLIN STRIKE: A Novel. William Morrow. February '20. $9.99. Fifth in the series. "In this exciting, visionary, and all-too-plausible next chapter in the legendary Dale Brown's New York Times bestselling techno-warfare series, Brad McLanahan and the Iron Wolf Squadron must fight the Russians on a dangerous, untested battlefield: outer space. The previous administration's ineffective response to the growing Russian threat has left America vulnerable. Setting a bold course for America's defense, the decisive and strong new president, John Dalton Farrell, intends to challenge Russian aggression head on. Brad and Patrick McLanahan and the formidable Iron Wolf Squadron - including the recently injured Nadia Roz, rested and back to fighting form thanks to a pair of state-of-the-art prosthetic legs - are ready and eager to join the battle. But even with their combined forces, the Russian menace may prove too great for the Americans to overcome. Done with provocative skirmishes and playing for small stakes, the Russian president has set his sights on the ultimate prize: controlling the entire world. Expanding beyond earth's bounds, the Russians have built a new high-tech space station and armed it with weaponry capable of destroying US satellites as well as powerful missiles pointed at strategic targets across earth. Devising a cunning plan of attack, Brad, Nadia, and the Iron Wolf warriors will take to the skies in their advanced space planes to destroy the space station, check the Russians' plan for dominance, and save the world. But is it already too late?"

Formant, Chris. SAVING WASHINGTON: The Forgotten Story of the Maryland 400 and The Battle of Brooklyn. Permuted Press. December '19. $16.00. A fascinating fact-based story about 400 young men who changed history on the battlefield at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. In August of 1776, the men from Baltimore, Maryland fought a much larger British army, helping George Washington and his men to escape. The book traces the events through the eyes of Joshua Bolton and his friend Ben, a freed slave. "Chris Formant's gripping tale blends real-life historical figures and events with richly developed fictional characters in a multi-dimensional world of intrigue, romance, comradeship, and sacrifice, transporting us two-and-a-half centuries back in time to the bustling streets of Baltimore and the bloody, smoke-filled carnage of battle in Brooklyn." Trade papberback edition.

Grossman, Gary & Fuller, Ed. RED HOTEL. Beaufort Books. July '19. $24.95. The timing for the release of this book couldn't be better! After leaving the service, Ex Army Intelligence officer Dan Reilly became an international hotel executive. With total access to the CIA, he becomes involved in tracking the bomber who blew up the front of a Tokyo hotel injuring and killing dozens of people. His investigation leads Dan to believe that the bomber isn't acting alone. As he follows the clues, Dan realizes the bomber is being backed by a global superpower and the bombing could be the beginning of a terrible war.

Herron, Mick. LONDON RULES. Soho Crime. July '19. $15.95. Fifth and last in the Slough House Series. First Desk Claude Whelan has his hands full trying to protect a prime minister while fighting off attacks on several fronts. The MP who arranged the vote on Brexit wants all the glory while his columnist wife, a tabloid reporter, is giving Claude a hard time with the articles she's printing. Add to the list a Muslim who is hiding several dark secrets while running for mayor of the West Midlands, and Claude's deputy who is waiting for him to make a mistake. If that isn't enough, there have been random terror attacks around the country. Things aren't going well at Slough House either, which isn't really unusual. The MI5 satellite office for outcast and demoted spies has a lot of problems of it's own making including the fact that somebody is trying to kill Roddy Ho. A good read that brings a grand end to the series.

Johnston, Peter D. WEAPONS OF PEACE. Goldrook Publishing. July '19. $18.95. Based on the premise that the Nazis were the first ones to develop the Atom Bomb, the book delves into a what if premise inspired by two incidents during World War II. The U.S. top negotiator, recovering from bullet wounds in England convinces his nurse to help him convince Hitler's scientists to help destroy the bomb they created. The ensuing chaos, from a murder in Washington, DC, to a German atomic test and a plot to kill Hitler, "Johnston's expert hand blends real-world historical material with heart-pounding action, unforgettable characters, and precious insights into influence and how the Nazis negotiated their way to power...."

Kanon, Joseph. THE ACCOMPLICE: A Novel. Atria Books. November '19. $28.00. Kanon returns with an exciting story about a Nazi war criminal and the CIA agent trying to capture him. Having survived the horrors of the Auschwitz prison camp in Germany during WWII, Max Weill wanted nothing more than to capture Dr. Otto Schramm, the doctor who worked with Mengele on his terrible experiments and was responsible for sending Max's family to the gas chamber. Unfortunately, the doctor was able to avoid capture and escaped to Argentina with a new identity and immunity from his war crimes. Max, realizing he didn't have long to live, asked his nephew Aaron Wiley, a CIA analyst, to capture the doctor and make him pay for his crimes. Aaron agrees to take on the task and arrives in Buenos Aires where he finds several Nazis who escaped after the war. With the help of the CIA station chief in Buenos Aires, a German newspaper reporter, and an Israeli agent, Aaron begins his hunt to bring the doctor to justice.

Kurland, Michael. THE BELLS OF HELL. Severn House. December '19. $28.99. First in the Welker & Saboy series. "Counter-intelligence agent Jacob Welker recruits a number of civilians to help foil a suspected terrorist attack by German spies in New York in 1938. March, 1938 Otto Lehman arrives in New York on the S.S. Osthafen to be immediately confronted by two men with FBI badges...only, that isn't his real name and the men aren't with the FBI. The next day Lehman is found tied to a chair, beaten to death and naked, in an abandoned Brooklyn warehouse. The sole witness to the crime, Andrew Blake, a homeless man struggling through the Great Depression, claims those responsible were speaking German. With the threat of the perpetrators being Nazis, President Roosevelt's own covert counter-intelligence agent Jacob Welker is brought in to investigate. Welker recruits Blake along with Lord Geoffrey Saboy, a British 'cultural attache', and his wife Lady Patricia, to help him to thwart a Nazi terrorist attack. But who exactly are the Nazis, what is their target and when will they strike?" Available in trade paperback. December '20. $17.95.

Littlefair, Brian. DESERT BURIAL. Dunn Books. February '20. $13.95. Based on the authors' experiences, there's an authentic ring to the story of an American geologist pulled into into a terrible conspiracy that could take a toll on the entire world. Ty Campbell, trying to forget the tragedy of his wife's death, has been hiding in the Sahara. But, when refugees enter the area, he tries to save them. Unfortunately, in order to help them he becomes involved with a company that intends to bury nuclear waste under the land where the refugees are settling.

Lutz, John. THE HAVANA GAME. Pinnacle Books. July '19. $9.99. Second in the Thomas Laker series. "With the U.S. seemingly linked to a terrorist bombing in a Baltic nation and a Russian troop buildup just over the border, the covert Gray Outfit sends Thomas Laker to untangle the mess. But after a second attack leaves him out in the cold, Laker's on his own. Five thousand miles away in Miami, Laker's partner and NSA codebreaker Ava North is investigating the murder of a fellow agent. When tracks lead to a Cuban-American billionaire in bed with the Jersey Mob, Ava's superiors want her to lay off. Not a chance. Though oceans apart, Laker and Ava discover their separate missions are tied to one explosive plot. The only way out is to breach all protocol and play by their own rules...."

Nelson, Brian. THE LAST SWORD MAKER. Blackstone Publishing. October '19. $17.99. First in the Course of Empire Series. The author could not have possibly known how timely this book would be when it was written! A deadly disease has killed thousands and the borders of Tibet have been closed. The Chinese insist that the rumors are false, but stories or mass graves are circulating. As the rumors spread Admiral James Curtiss is summoned to the Pentagon when an American spy reports that the deaths are not due to a disease, but from the test of a very deadly weapon! A weapon that the Chinese have developed that kills people based on genetic traits. Can American scientists prevail in time or will this be how wars are conducted in the future? Simultaeous release on Audio CD. Unabridged.

Riva, Peter. KIDNAPPED ON SAFARI: A Thriller. Skyhorse. January '20. $22.99. Book 3 of 3 in the Mbuno & Pero Series. A fitting finale to the series. Safari guide Mbuno and his TV producer, Pero Baltazar, are filming in Kenya, East Africa, when word reaches them that Mbuno's son, also a guide, was kidnapped in Tanzania. The two men immediately set off to rescue Mbuno's son. Mbuno's expertise enables him to track the kidnappers to a national park where Boko Haram mercenaries are protecting an illegal logging operation. They not only find Mbuno's son, but learn that what's going on could leaf to a political coup along with terrifying ramifications for the entire country. What makes this book especially scary is the fact that the story was based on actual newspaper headlines.

Woods, Stuart & Hall, Parnell. SKIN GAME. G.P. Putnam's Sons. December '19. $9.99. Third in the Teddy Fay series. "Teddy Fay returns to his roots in espionage. When Teddy Fay receives a freelance assignment from a gentleman he can't refuse, he jets off to Paris on the hunt for a treasonous criminal. But as Teddy unearths more information that just doesn't seem to connect, his straightforward mission becomes far bigger - and stranger - than he could imagine. The trail of bread crumbs leads to secrets hidden within secrets, evildoers trading in money and power, and a global threat on an unprecedented scale. Under the beautiful veneer of the City of Lights, true villainy lurks in the shadows...and Teddy Fay alone can prevent the impending disaster." Available on Audio CD from Penguin Audio.

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