Espionage in Print

April 6, 2021

Anderson, Eric C. FINAL FLIGHT. Dunn Books. June '20. $14.95. Jumping ahead to 2023, this thriller begins whe a jet disappears from the radar screen. If that isn't bad enough, another plane disappears the same way just hours later. But what does it have to do with Jason Montgomery, ex-Air Force maintenance officer and his buddy Rob 'Ski' Kalawski? They are celebrating their new contract with China worth millions of dollars to upgrade their airplanes. Things become complicated when it turns out that the Japanes manufacturer planted a deadly bug in the navigation software to keep China from stealing their work. Jason is caught in the middle between the Yhakuza and Russians who intend to make a lot of money on the missing planes.

Berry, Steve. THE KAISER'S WEB: A Novel. Minotaur Books. February '21. $28.99. Sixteenth in the Cotton Malone series. Former Justice Department agent Cotton Malone is back on the case when documents from World War II are found. If they are real, they could re-write history as we know it and have a heavy impact on the upcoming elections in Germany. The documents, which date from April, 1945, could determine who is elected Chancellor. If the papers are real, it could mean that Hitler and Eva Braun died in the underground of Berlin and that Martin Bormann might have escaped with the wealth the Nazi's stole. Traveling around the globe, Cotton follows the clues to the mystery known as the Kaiser's web. Available in paperback. November '21. $9.99.

Brown, Dale. THE KREMLIN STRIKE: A Novel. William Morrow. May '20. $9.99. Fifth in the series. "In this exciting, visionary, and all-too-plausible next chapter in the legendary Dale Brown's New York Times bestselling techno-warfare series, Brad McLanahan and the Iron Wolf Squadron must fight the Russians on a dangerous, untested battlefield: outer space. The previous administration's ineffective response to the growing Russian threat has left America vulnerable. Setting a bold course for America's defense, the decisive and strong new president, John Dalton Farrell, intends to challenge Russian aggression head on. Brad and Patrick McLanahan and the formidable Iron Wolf Squadron - including the recently injured Nadia Roz, rested and back to fighting form thanks to a pair of state-of-the-art prosthetic legs - are ready and eager to join the battle. But even with their combined forces, the Russian menace may prove too great for the Americans to overcome. Done with provocative skirmishes and playing for small stakes, the Russian president has set his sights on the ultimate prize: controlling the entire world. Expanding beyond earth's bounds, the Russians have built a new high-tech space station and armed it with weaponry capable of destroying US satellites as well as powerful missiles pointed at strategic targets across earth. Devising a cunning plan of attack, Brad, Nadia, and the Iron Wolf warriors will take to the skies in their advanced space planes to destroy the space station, check the Russians' plan for dominance, and save the world. But is it already too late?"

Grossman, Gary & Fuller, Ed. RED DECEPTION. Beaufort Books. June '21. $26.95. Second in the Red Hotel Series. Dan Reilly, a former Army intelligence officer wrote a secret State Department report warning about how the U.S. infrastructure could be destroyed in an effort to destroy the country. Now it seems this report has fallen into the hands of terrorists who are doing exactly what Reilly had warned. As the country deals with the attacks, the Russian President decides to take over Ukraine and Latvia. With crisis both within the country and without, the U.S. President must deal with both. Reilly is the only person who might be able to figure out what's going on before the world goes up in flames. But, with the Russians, reporters, and covert agents on his trail, it's going to be very difficult.

Hauty, Chris. SAVAGE ROAD: A Hayley Chill Thriller. Atria/Emily Bestler Books. January '21. $27.00. Book 2 of 2. Hayley finds herself further down the rabbit hole in the second book of the series. After several very serious cyber attacks hit the U.S., Haley is tasked with finding the hackers responsible. The situation becomes even more complicated when NSA analysts show that Russia is behind the attack since Hayley is using a double agent to get information on Russia. Can Hayley reveal the hacker in time to stop World War III? Available in paperback. Pocket Books. October '21. $9.99.

Kanon, Joseph. THE ACCOMPLICE: A Novel. Washington Square Press. August '20. $17.00. Kanon returns with an exciting story about a Nazi war criminal and the CIA agent trying to capture him. Having survived the horrors of the Auschwitz prison camp in Germany during WWII, Max Weill wanted nothing more than to capture Dr. Otto Schramm, the doctor who worked with Mengele on his terrible experiments and was responsible for sending Max's family to the gas chamber. Unfortunately, the doctor was able to avoid capture and escaped to Argentina with a new identity and immunity from his war crimes. Max, realizing he didn't have long to live, asked his nephew Aaron Wiley, a CIA analyst, to capture the doctor and make him pay for his crimes. Aaron agrees to take on the task and arrives in Buenos Aires where he finds several Nazis who escaped after the war. With the help of the CIA station chief in Buenos Aires, a German newspaper reporter, and an Israeli agent, Aaron begins his hunt to bring the doctor to justice.

Kurland, Michael. THE BELLS OF HELL. Severn House. December '20. $17.95. First in the Welker & Saboy series. "Counter-intelligence agent Jacob Welker recruits a number of civilians to help foil a suspected terrorist attack by German spies in New York in 1938. March, 1938 Otto Lehman arrives in New York on the S.S. Osthafen to be immediately confronted by two men with FBI badges...only, that isn't his real name and the men aren't with the FBI. The next day Lehman is found tied to a chair, beaten to death and naked, in an abandoned Brooklyn warehouse. The sole witness to the crime, Andrew Blake, a homeless man struggling through the Great Depression, claims those responsible were speaking German. With the threat of the perpetrators being Nazis, President Roosevelt's own covert counter-intelligence agent Jacob Welker is brought in to investigate. Welker recruits Blake along with Lord Geoffrey Saboy, a British 'cultural attache', and his wife Lady Patricia, to help him to thwart a Nazi terrorist attack. But who exactly are the Nazis, what is their target and when will they strike?"

Martell, Dominic. KILL CHAIN. Dunn Books. October '20. $24.95. "TWENTY YEARS OFF THE GRID AND HE THOUGHT HE WAS SAFE...." With his wife and sons' lives in danger, Pascual Rose is forced back into action two decades after putting his life as a terrorist behind him. Things were going well in Barcelona until he received an ominous text demanding he return to his old life. He wants no part of the money laundering scheme involving Russian mobsters, German intelligence agents, and other unknowns that could play havic with world finance and topple governments. Rose knows he can't trust anyone involved and must figure out who is running the operation before he loses his family and possibly his life. Simultaneous release in trade paperback. $14.95.

Martell, Dominic. LYING CRYING DYING. Dunn Books. October '20. $12.95. Ex-terrorist Pascual received a new identity from the CIA and the Mossad after defecting from the group and giving up all but one of the other members. He made a new life for himself in Barcelona where he grew up where he tried to blend in hoping to avoid anyone out for revenge. Things become very dangerous for him when his ex, Katixa, the one person he didn't turn in unexpectedly shows up. He still loves her and can't turn her away even though she brings nothing but trouble with her, including a lot of cash from a kidnapping. Using all of his old tricks, Pascual goes on the run with Katixa. Things become even more dangerous as they try to evade the police and hit men and learn they can't trust anyone.

Riva, Peter. KIDNAPPED ON SAFARI: A Thriller. Skyhorse. May '20. $22.99. Book 3 of 3 in the Mbuno & Pero Series. A fitting finale to the series. Safari guide Mbuno and his TV producer, Pero Baltazar, are filming in Kenya, East Africa, when word reaches them that Mbuno's son, also a guide, was kidnapped in Tanzania. The two men immediately set off to rescue Mbuno's son. Mbuno's expertise enables him to track the kidnappers to a national park where Boko Haram mercenaries are protecting an illegal logging operation. They not only find Mbuno's son, but learn that what's going on could leaf to a political coup along with terrifying ramifications for the entire country. What makes this book especially scary is the fact that the story was based on actual newspaper headlines.

Rosenberg, Joel C. THE BEIRUT PROTOCOL. Tyndale House. March '21. $27.99. Fourth in the series. An important peace treaty between Israel and Saudi Arabia is put on hold when Special Agent Marcus Ryker and his team are attacked while checking the area along the border between Lebanon and Israel before the arrival of the Secretary of State. The last thing the US wants is a war before the treaty can even be signed. US and Israeli forces are sent in to rescue Ryker and his men, but can Ryker break free before he and his men can be saved - or killed by the Hezbollah that have captured them?

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