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Audio Books

July 13, 2018

Bond, Mike. SNOW. Brilliance Audio. October '17. $15.99. Audio CD. Unabridged. Read by David deVries. What would you do if you found a crashed plane full of cocaine in the mountains of Montana? Three men find the cache and take the drugs only to be hounded by the DEA, the Mexican cartel, a hit man, and the police. Each had what they considered a good reason - they were all short on money! The tension rises as they try to evade their pursuers in the frozen wilderness. Available in trade paperback from Mandevilla Press.

Maine, Sarah. BEYOND THE WILD RIVER: A Novel. Dreamscape Media. July '17. $59.99. Audio CD. Unabridged . This suspenseful and atmospheric historical mystery concerns a young woman's friend who disappeared after a double homicide. Evelyn Ballantyre joins her father on a trip from their Scotland home to North America in the late 1800s. She is excited to visit the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago after which they will go on a fishing expedition in Canada. After arriving in Canada, Evelyn is surprised when they met their guide who turns out to be none other than her old friend who vanished after a poacher and the gamekeeper were found dead. Although it was thought that James was the killer, Evelyn didn't believe that to be true. Will the truth about James and her father come to light after all these years? Simultaneous trade paperback release from Atria Books.

Pronzini, Bill. THE BAG OF TRICKS AFFAIR: A Carpenter and Quincannon Mystery. Blackstone Audio. March '18. $34.95. Audio CD. Unabridged. Sixth in the series. "THE BAG OF TRICKS AFFAIR is the latest charming historical mystery in Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Bill Pronzini's detective series. A conman always has a bag of tricks, ready to fool the unsuspecting, and almost everyone is unsuspecting until they get taken. When that happens, they turn to Carpenter and Quincannon, Professional Detective Services, to recover their money and what's left of their dignity, and perhaps even to save their lives. When one such case leaves Sabina Carpenter the only witness to a murder, the family of the culprit vows to stop at nothing to keep her silent. The threat leaves John Quincannon deeply concerned for Sabina's safety, but there's no rest for the wicked and so the crime-solving duo must split up to tackle two separate con games, run by two villains with deadly bags of tricks at hand. And when Sabina's life is put in danger, John must rush to save her while grappling with the terrifying realization of exactly how much she means to him." Simultaneous hardcover release from Forge Books.

Pronzini, Bill. THE VIOLATED: A Novel. Blackstone Audio. July '17. $29.95. Audio CD. Unabridged. "A new stand-alone thriller by an acclaimed master of the genre and author of the Nameless Detective series. Bill Pronzini is crime-writing royalty. His more than eighty published novels have won or been nominated for Edgar, Hammett, Anthony, Shamus, and Macavity awards - a clean sweep of the crime fiction award field - and received rave reviews from critics. He crafts masterful stories, often from multiple perspectives, in which the human condition is on full display. THE VIOLATED is no exception. In Echo Park, in the small town of Santa Rita, California, the mutilated body of Martin Torrey is found by two passersby. A registered sex offender, Torrey has been a suspect in a string of recent rapes, and instant suspicion for his murder falls on the relatives and friends of the women attacked. Police chief Griffin Kells and detective Robert Ortiz are under increasing pressure from the public and from a mayor demanding results in a case that has no easy solution. Pronzini cleverly unfolds the case through alternating perspectives - Martin Torrey's wife, caught between her grief and the fear her husband was guilty; the outraged husbands of the women violated; the enterprising editor of the local paper; the mayor concerned most with his own ratings; the detectives, often spinning in circles - until a surprising break leads to a completely unexpected conclusion. THE VIOLATED is Bill Pronzini at the height of his storytelling powers." Simultaneous hardcover release from Deckle Edge.

Robards, Karen. THE ULTIMATUM. Brilliance Audio. July '17. $24.99. The Guardian Book 1. MP3 CD. Read by Julia Whelan. Unabridged. Bianca St. Ives has a reputation for being the best thief and con artist in the business. As a child she was never interested in dolls or things most girls liked - she studied martial arts and explosives. Her father taught her well and took her into the family business. Now known as the Guardian, she helps her father run an international organization and makes money by swindling con men out of the money they steal. She had a bit of a problem with her last job though - she lost millions of dollars and some top secret government documents! She also lost her father who died during the job. Unfortunately, the US government doesn't believe her father Richard is dead. As one of the most wanted criminals for decades, they intend to use Bianca as bait to find him. Now Bianca must find the truth behind what really happened on that last job. Available in paperback from MIRA Books.

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