Scenarios for Kids


Written by Karen & Bill Palmer and protected under copyright law

Children love a mystery! Now you can give your child a special party to celebrate a birthday or a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, where your daughter or son and their friends will have the opportunity to become detectives and solve a crime.

All Bogie's Mystery Tours® events feature play-fair whodunits where participants actively work together to solve a crime. They will have the chance to interrogate the suspects and search for clues. Prizes will be awarded to the "sleuths" with the most accurate solution.

"It's the stuff that dreams are made of..."

"BEWARE THE AVENGER" - Find the murderer before the Avenger claims his next victim!.

Murder Method: Stabbing............... Rating: Juvenile

Cast Of Characters:

James Denton, Contractor; Margo Lovely, Actress; Oliver Wolfe, School Principal; Senor Vargas, Artist; Helga Von Dorp, Clairvoyant; Police Detective.

"THE BIG CHEESE" - Velveeta Van Buren was killed last night. The suspects have been gathered and the murderer must be found!

Murder method: Off Stage....................Rating: Juvenile

Cast Of Characters:

Marcia Powers, Accountant; Joseph Pierce, Distributor; Marilyn Taylor, Producer; Spenser Harrison III, Lawyer; Police Officer.

"THE CASE OF THE CURSED GEMS" - An ancient curse and missing gems lead to murder.

Murder Method: Stabbing.........................Rating: General Audience

Cast Of Characters:

Hannah Finestra, Resort Owner; Willa Wright, Secretary; Madame Deja Bleu, Psychic/Companion; Scats Allegro, Bandleader; Iowa Jones (Indiana's brother), Archeologist & Adventurer; Hildy Johnson, Travel Writer; Dr. Peter Blue, Missionary; Police Detective.

"MAGIC CAN BE MURDER" - Club Carella is celebrating its first anniversary, with murder on the menu.

Murder Method: Stabbing.............................Rating: General Audience

Cast Of Characters:

Carlo Chianti, Co-owner; Andrew Rawles, Co-owner; Dixie Muldoon, Singer; Sebastian Sabatini, Magician; Marie Sabatini, Assistant; Elana Wentworth, Rival Club Owner; Christopher Forbes, Elana's Partner; Undercover Detective.

"2 + 5 = MURDER!"
- A killer stalks the West End Shakespeare Theatre Company, bloodying the Bard.

Murder Method: Stabbing...............Rating: Juvenile

Cast Of Characters:

Derek Tore, Director; I.M. Starr, Actor; Juliet Montague, Actress; Alfred Evans, Son; Burke N. Hare, TV Critic; Geoffrey Dos Cinco, Journalist; Max Allan, Private Investigator.

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