WHY HAVE MYSTERY EVENTS BECOME SO POPULAR? Mysteries have a universal appeal, the events provide "good clean fun," encourage a friendly competitive atmosphere, and are intellectually stimulating. In chaotic times, full of world crises, the mystery provides a neat and orderly universe where everything is resolved. The events also appeal to a very basic human characteristic - curiosity - and, they provide a feeling of satisfaction in solving the puzzle.

HOW ARE COMPANIES USING MYSTERY EVENTS? In as many ways as companies have occasions for giving: business gifts, employee incentives, entertaining clients, celebrations, sales rewards, parties, customer incentives, to help improve teamwork and boost employee moral, to develop corporate loyalty, to introduce new products or services, and for theme marketing. These events can be used as entry level awards, as part of a grand prize, or for any other reason. And, the recipients' families can also participate.

HOW ARE HOTELS AND CRUISE LINES GETTING INVOLVED? Mystery weekends and cruises can help advertise the hotel or ship, and often receive a lot of publicity. The events can help bring the hotel or ship to full occupancy on an otherwise "dead weekend" or cruise during off-season. In addition to selling the event on their own, hotels and cruise lines can offer these arrangements to groups, corporations, and the travel industry.

WHY HIRE A COMPANY TO PRODUCE THE EVENT? Hiring a professional company takes all the work, and the worry, out of your hands. Over the past several years, travel agencies, hotels, and theatrical companies have tried to do this type of event on their own, thinking it looked so simple! It isn't as easy as it looks, and so much can go wrong without careful, and professional, planning. Needless to say, a good knowledge of the mystery genre is necessary to perpetrate these events successfully.

There are two basic types of mystery events, theatrical and play-fair whodunits. The theatrical mystery is the easiest to produce because it really is little more than a play. Active participation is generally very limited, often to merely guessing the murderer, and isn't nearly as much fun as the play-fair variety. The TV show "Murder She Wrote" and Agatha Christie's novels are excellent examples of play-fair whodunits. This type of event leaves the solution of the mystery to the participants, and they are encouraged to become actively involved.

BOGIE'S MYSTERY TOURS® specializes in interactive, analytical, play-fair whodunits where participants are given the opportunity to actively work to solve the crime. This is accomplished by interrogating suspects, portrayed by professional actors and published mystery authors, and searching for clues. The sleuths are led to the solution through a maze of red herrings and chilling confrontations. Our Agatha Christie-style whodunits can be solved by deductive logic. We research our scenarios to ensure they're factual, and there can only be one correct answer. Nothing is hidden; all the clues needed to solve the crime are provided through information obtained from the suspects, in the form of physical evidence, or a dying clue.

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