CPR/AED For the Community and Workplace


For the Community and Workplace

Intended Audience: Intended for persons who do not work in the healthcare field but are occupationally required to, or desire to, have CPR knowledge and skills, such as emergency response teams in business, school bus drivers, adult residential care personnel, child care workers, parents, teachers, and babysitters.

Prerequisites: None (Basic First Aid recommended). Contact Us For A Price Quote.

Adult, Child, Infant CPR & AED: 3 1/2 Hours (minimum 4 participants)

CPR, AED & Basic First Aid: 6 Hours (minimum 4 participants)

Upon successful completion of the course the student will be able to:

Explain the importance of universal precautions
Explain the importance of the links in the chain of survival
Recognize the warning signs, symptoms and treatment for heart attack and stroke
Recognize the warning signs, symptoms and treatment for sudden cardiac arrest
List the emergency action steps: Assess, Alert, Attend to the ABCDs
Describe how to position the victim for CPR
Explain how to open the airway
Explain how to check for breathing
Describe how to give effective rescue breaths
Explain how to use a face shield or pocket mask
Describe how to place an unresponsive breathing victim in a recovery position
Explain how to give effective chest compressions
List the steps of CPR
Recognize and describe how to manage choking in the responsive victim

A 2-year certification card in CPR/AED will be issued upon successful completion of the course

A separate 2-year certification card will be issued for Basic First Aid

For further information please contact Bill Palmer Seibukai@Bogies.net

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